Here are the projects I am currently involved in.

Language induced changes of mind:

an EEG study

Following the work investigating linguistically induced shifts in colour perception during my master’s thesis, the primary aim of this EEG study is to answer whether the effects are due to learning-induced differences in pre-attentive perception or to covert rehearsal of the newly learned labels affecting categorical perception. To explore our question of interest, we will examine three ERP components: the P2 and N400 during a naming out loud task, and the vMMN in an oddball task.

EEG lab, Laboratoire Parole et Langage, November 2021


Dr. Amie FAIRS

SLIP task fMRI

This project aims to examine the cognitive and neural bases of the processes that allow speech monitoring, both before articulation (internal monitoring) and after articulation (external monitoring) at different levels of linguistic processing (from semantics to articulation). Three theories will be systematically examined: monitoring through understanding, monitoring through internal modelling, and monitoring based on conflict. Learn more about this ANR project here.

Supervisors & collaborators

Ph.D. student Lydia DOROKHOVA

Question, response, follow-up

This project aims to examine the role of questions in language acquisition among young children. Learn more about the Cocodev group here.

Supervisors & collaborators

Dr. Abdellah FOURTASSI

Research support online platform

I am currently volunteering as a research support for FindingFive. FindingFive is a free platform designed for behavioural research. The values of the team is to enable researchers to conduct open, transparent, and reproducible behavioural research. My main role is to assist researchers with questions about technical problems by answering help tickets. On a broader scale, I participate in collective brainstorming to identify researcher needs, in order to develop and test future coding solutions.